Jackie Brown

More About Jackie

Hands up, I am a workaholic, a show pony and I celebrate life with a passion.....As a senior lecturer in tourism, and as a professional speaker, I promote the travel industry by conducting workshops and speaking at conferences. I also own and operate a medical tourism company - escorting people up to Thailand for cosmetic surgery. As a qualified travel consultant, tour guide and event manager, I have worked all over this world of ours and feel comfortable talking to groups from all cultures and in any location.

I am currently working towards a Masters in Education and have a qualification in "Coaching and Mentoring" from Waikato University. Plus I have papers in counselling skills...so down time?...hmmm I don’t think so! But honestly I have chosen carefully what I do. As I say to my students, you have to have a passion about the choices we make on our journeys and I have chosen each of my pathways with absolute enthusiasm and delight.

However all this extracurricular activity does mean that I get booked up early...especially as I promise only to do one wedding in a day...hey it’s your day and I don’t want you to have to share me around...although I do play nicely with others in sandpits!

With fear of sounding like I am selling you Tupperware….I am married to a man who is not only full of personality but he is an amazing photographer. I believe he is NZ's best wedding photographer and he even won that very award in 2015! He is the photographer for a couple of fashion magazines (Black Diamond Photography) and even came 3rd in the world at Wellington’s World of Wearable Art.
We work separately but you can imagine the fervor when we work together as he knows my moves...he knows the emotive bits and he is ready to capture those poignant moments.(visit www.bayofplentyweddings.co.nz to find out more about Steve Brown - Wedding Photographer)


I don’t stand like a shop window dummy between you, I interact between you and your audience, encouraging your guest to take an active role in your ceremony. I return to stand with you for the more intimate moments, like your vows or the exchanging of rings…….Photographers love the fact that I am moving it means that I don’t end up in every one of their photos!


I have been an invented relative at surprise weddings, played the beach bum, art deco, hippy celebrant........if you want an Oscar celebration I will be dressed for the part!

I am all about marriage. I think it’s the best thing two people can do together, unless you count winning lotto and flying around the world. Honestly I am such a fan of two people committing themselves to marriage that I always go that extra mile to ensure that your ceremony has that WOW factor. There’s no chance this will be an irrelevant or meaningless affair. I can guarantee even the audience are engaged!

- Jackie

“Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved..."